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    Quote: Freeware is software that is available for use at no monetary cost. In other words, while freeware may be used without payment it is most often proprietary software, and usually modification, re-distribution or reverse-engineering without the author's permission is prohibited. Two historic examples of freeware include Skype and Adobe Acrobat Reader. There is no agreed set of rights or a license or an EULA which would define "freeware" unambiguously; every freeware publisher defines their own rules for their freeware. For instance, redistribution of freeware by third-parties is often permitted but there is a significant portion of freeware which prohibits redistribution.
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    Quote: Freeware, although itself free of charge, may be intended to benefit its producer, e.g. by encouraging sales of a more capable version ("Freemium" or Shareware business model). The source code of freeware is typically not available, unlike free and open-source software which are also often distributed free of charge.
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    Rescue engineering - developing new techniques or technical solutions to overcome problems. Development of devices to help pilots and sailors survive in case of an accident at sea. Or control the wake of a submarine. Or anti-tank guided missile defense systems.
    Teoretical engineering - is the ability to develop unusual and non-standard technical solutions that can give you an edge. For example, the technology of dynamic control of fluid flows around the propeller blades of a submarine. This makes it possible not only to change the noise picture, but also to make it more effective along the spectrum. It is technically difficult to do this and requires special equipment. But this gives an edge in the technology race.
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Teoretical engineering

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