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VMWare VSPhere download iso


    Quote: vSphere 6.7 also improves protection for data in motion by enabling Encrypted vMotion across various vCenter Server instances as well as versions. This makes it easy to securely conduct data center migrations or to move data across a hybrid cloud environment - that is, between on-premises and public cloud - or across geographically distributed data centers.

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    Quote: vSphere 6.7 introduces support for the entire range of Microsoft virtualization-based security technologies introduced in Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. This is a result of close collaboration between VMware and Microsoft to ensure that Windows VMs on vSphere systems support in-guest security features while continuing to be performant and secure on the vSphere platform

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    Quote: vSphere 6.7 delivers comprehensive built-in security and is the heart of a secure Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC). It has deep integration and works seamlessly with other VMware products such as NSX, vSAN, and VMware vRealize Suite to provide a complete security model for the data center.

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VMWare VSPhere download iso